Usually when I read testimonials I am still skeptical of their authenticity but I hope after reading this you will know Mr. Murphy is the right lawyer for you. However, with that being said, I chose Mr. Murphy as my lawyer and he went 200% above my expectations. He started on my case the first day I called him and I live in another state. Mr. Murphy kept me informed, gave me advice, and made everything stress free on my part. He was professional, confident and his experience speaks for itself. He did all the work, I only signed a few papers. He started my case in November 2013 and I had my settlement in the bank before Christmas, and I can honestly say my settlement was way more then I imagined!!!! He did all of this for me and we have never even met. He showed me that he cared for me and my family which really means a lot to me. I am very pleased that Mr. Murphy was my lawyer and cannot wait to meet him and finally shake his hand. Thank you so much once again Mr. Murphy.
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He was easy to work with, kept me informed, and at 16 years old I was thrown out of the back of my friend’s car when he made a bad turn. I broke every bone in my back and had surgery that left me with a long scar. My friend’s insurance company refused to pay a fair amount for the many years I will have to deal with the effects of this accident. Mr. Murphy filed a suit, refused to accept the insurance company’s low offers, and got a great settlement for me. He was easy to work with, kept me informed, and answered all of our questions. He also handled my probate matters so I didn’t have to pay another attorney.”
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I sustained some serious injuries as the result of a drunk driver who had passed out behind the wheel and rear ended my car. My head injury made clear and cognitive thought very challenging. As well, I had a lot of physical problems that impeded my mobility. I wasn’t sure what my rights were or what needed to be done in order to preserve those rights and protect my personal interests. Many people told me that seeking legal help was pointless because of Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Laws. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to the rhetoric of fools. I called Bill Murphy and he didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. I was greatly relieved when he took my case. This gave me the ability to focus on the important things in life such as physical recovery and my family.

The many facets of my case (state laws, insurance companies and doctors) can be tricky to deal with. The insurance company that you’ve paid premiums to for years will be helpful to you in the beginning. However, mine turned against me 6 months after the accident and didn’t want to help or pay any longer. I spent 2 years in physical therapy and saw countless doctors and specialists. If I had to pay for that completely out of my pocket, I would’ve been financially devastated. Doctors can be tricky, too.

Remember that doctors have to have insurance in order to practice medicine. Often the groups who insure doctors and the ones who insure public citizens are part of the same big conglomerate entity. An insurance company’s sole purpose is making money. Sadly, your needs will always come second to that idea — sad but true. More often than not, you’ll find yourself helplessly lost in the cross-fire. Do not hesitate — get a lawyer — get Bill Murphy! He confidently navigated my family and I through a confusing barrage of red tape, technicalities and other unforeseeable problems. We came out the other side far better off than we would’ve had we not contacted Bill. We actually came out ahead in the long run.

Resolved December 2015
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It was about 6:30 p.m. and I was sitting at my kitchen table with my head down, unending tears falling and the biggest feeling of defeat I had ever felt in my 45 years. None of the lawyers I called wanted to help me file a medical malpractice suit regarding being diagnosed and treated for cancer which I had. My mother always said quitters never win. The next day I went to the Kalamazoo Law Library. The women in charge asked if I needed any help. She told me of a lawyer, Mr. William Murphy, who had his office just down the street. She told me of her need for his services and how she takes every opportunity to tell people about what a great person he is and how he worked what she considered to be miracles for her. Now I also take every opportunity to tell people about Mr. William (Bill) Murphy and EVERYTHING he has done involving not only my medical malpractice case but also a breach of contract and a car accident case. As a busy single parent, Mr. Murphy did all he could to work around my limited schedule and often times came to me. He NEVER left me with an unanswered question or any doubt that he was treating me other than if I were family. Mr. Murphy and his staff made my need to be involved with the legal system easy to understand, as hassle free as they could, and my ability to receive closure and compensation for my losses phenomenal.
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Bill became our friend, as well as our lawyer. My husband, Dan’s brain was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in 2008. He passed away this January. Over the years, Bill has filed four different lawsuits to force our insurance company to pay for benefits. Bill became our friend, as well as our lawyer. I asked him to speak at my husband’s funeral.
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I’m writing to say “Thank you!” to the law office of Ford and Murphy, P.C. for the successful result of the personal injury litigation they recently handled for my family. Attorney William Murphy took my case, which was not an easy one, and pursued it vigorously. Mr. Murphy advised my wife and I throughout the process with warmth, candor and professionalism. We appreciate the clear information we were given throughout, with no false promises or inflated expectations. Mr. Murphy’s expert advice allowed us to make sound decisions, which was especially important at a time when I was struggling with several critical health problems. Thanks to his efforts, all of my medical expenses from the past year have been compensated. It’s taken over a year of hard work for me to recover from my injuries – it would have taken many years (if ever) for my family’s finances to recover without the legal help we received. We are happy to recommend this law firm, without reservation, as one which provides the highest standard of legal services with honesty and humanity.

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Brian S.

Great council!

My company has used Reed Law multiple times for support that has varied in complexity and topic. Whether we inquire about succession and estate planning, real estate, or labor laws, we receive answers to our questions quickly and at an AFFORDABLE cost. I don’t mind paying for services but always choked on the costs that legal answers could cost. Phil makes sure that we not only receive answers, but that we get information that we can use, and that we are billed FAIRLY and commensurately with the level of questions that we are asking. I have also used Reed Law personally and have been impressed with not only the professionalism, but also the modern and simplified approach to issues; something that I don’t seem to get from other council. I think it’s great to see someone like Phil Reed running his own firm. His approach to law is congruent with his character and integrity. He is breaking the mold for the stereotypical law firm.
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Jim P.