Injuries Resulting From a Distracted Driver

Has a distracted driver’s negligence seriously injured you in a car accident, caused catastrophic injury to your passenger or inflicted fatal injuries on a loved one — justifying a case for wrongful death?

The skilled, caring Kalamazoo lawyers at Murphy & Reed can help, just as they have for decades for the people in west and southwest Michigan. The Murphy Reed law firm works every day to improve the lives of its clients — and uses its skills and personal service to fight for a safer Michigan.

No phone call or text message is more important than the lives of other motorists. When a texting motorist’s negligence causes a violent collision that injures you seriously, the first thing you should do is contact Murphy Reed Law.

Murphy Reed Law’s compassionate, quality legal representation, command of Michigan personal injury law and genuine personal concern for your welfare are the primary elements of their legal services. Partners William Murphy and Phillip Reed exhaustively investigate your accident and persuasively negotiate with insurers, to achieve the financial compensation you deserve; and they aggressively litigate in the courtroom if necessary, to ensure that your rights are protected.

You may be dealing with severe pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally, as you seek to recover from your accident. You have all kinds of bills to pay, plus income lost from time off the job. You need help. And you need it now.

From start to finish, the lawyers at Murphy Reed Law are available to answer any question you might have. They will address your concerns honestly and directly, and never pass your case on to an associate or paralegal. Start your comeback today by calling 269-216-9976 or e-mailing.

Murphy Reed Law — Protecting Your Rights, Fighting for a Safer Michigan

The personal injury law firm of Murphy Reed offers decades of personal injury trial experience and genuine personal concern for your welfare when you or a loved one has suffered a serious or catastrophic injury due to a distracted driver’s negligence as a result of:

Murphy Reed lawyers feel that the distracted driver and his or her insurer should be the ones to pay for everything you have endured — not you. And when the cost of distracted driving is a loved one’s life, you need someone to pursue your grieving family’s legal action with purpose, poise and professionalism, and with sensitivity to your concerns.

A contingent fee also offers peace of mind for you and your family. You owe no attorney fee unless you win or settle your case. Please join Murphy Reed in the fight for a safer Michigan by contacting them in Kalamazoo today.

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