It was about 6:30 p.m. and I was sitting at my kitchen table with my head down, unending tears falling and the biggest feeling of defeat I had ever felt in my 45 years. None of the lawyers I called wanted to help me file a medical malpractice suit regarding being diagnosed and treated for cancer which I had. My mother always said quitters never win. The next day I went to the Kalamazoo Law Library. The women in charge asked if I needed any help. She told me of a lawyer, Mr. William Murphy, who had his office just down the street. She told me of her need for his services and how she takes every opportunity to tell people about what a great person he is and how he worked what she considered to be miracles for her. Now I also take every opportunity to tell people about Mr. William (Bill) Murphy and EVERYTHING he has done involving not only my medical malpractice case but also a breach of contract and a car accident case. As a busy single parent, Mr. Murphy did all he could to work around my limited schedule and often times came to me. He NEVER left me with an unanswered question or any doubt that he was treating me other than if I were family. Mr. Murphy and his staff made my need to be involved with the legal system easy to understand, as hassle free as they could, and my ability to receive closure and compensation for my losses phenomenal.
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