I’m writing to say “Thank you!” to the law office of Ford and Murphy, P.C. for the successful result of the personal injury litigation they recently handled for my family. Attorney William Murphy took my case, which was not an easy one, and pursued it vigorously. Mr. Murphy advised my wife and I throughout the process with warmth, candor and professionalism. We appreciate the clear information we were given throughout, with no false promises or inflated expectations. Mr. Murphy’s expert advice allowed us to make sound decisions, which was especially important at a time when I was struggling with several critical health problems. Thanks to his efforts, all of my medical expenses from the past year have been compensated. It’s taken over a year of hard work for me to recover from my injuries – it would have taken many years (if ever) for my family’s finances to recover without the legal help we received. We are happy to recommend this law firm, without reservation, as one which provides the highest standard of legal services with honesty and humanity.

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Brian S.